Friday, May 1, 2009

No Health Insurance

No Health Insurance
Graduation season is approaching fast meaning many students who do not have jobs or going into higher education will have to get off their parents health insurance in a couple of months. Stephanie Berzenski is graduating with a master degree and is worried about not having a job once she graduates.
“It’s just scary because it's a lot of things that I have taken for granted I have medication now. My monthly birth control pill some skin medications for pimples for what I guess took for granted because I always had them covered under my parent’s health insurance policy. But come August you know that's gone so if I need to continue on more medication I need to come up with a plan,” said Stephanie Berzenski.
Erin Parks in a graduating senior, she is not only worried about finding a job but finding a job with good benefits.
“I have to really look for a job that has health benefits because I can't afford to not have health insurance with all the prescriptions I have to fill,” said Erin Parks
Parks was diagnosed with Type I diabetes earlier this year. She as many supplies she uses every day.
“Yea my supplies are definitely expensive because it is stuff that I have to use daily many times throughout the day. So it really adds up,” said Erin Parks
Health Insurance Options
John Catanzarita, Jr. President of Benefit Consulting Group in Syracuse says students should sit down with their parents and look at what’s included in their health insurance coverage under their parents. Then compare the rates to other insurance plans. He also says the state of New York has many health insurance options, such as Family Healthy Plus and Healthy New York.
“ These couple of stories I’m talking about now are income sensitive, so obviously if they don’t have a job they wouldn’t have income,” said John Catanzarita, Jr.
He also says don’t risk not having health insurance and it’s better to be insured than to not be.