Monday, April 26, 2010

Three's (Fitness) Company

By Michael Contino

Liverpool, N.Y. – How many times have you heard that going to the gym is one thing, but having a trainer makes the experience all the more worthwhile?

In the case of two 47-year old men from Central New York, they may be living proof. Healthier living proof, might I add.

Longtime friends John Last and Kevin Bush had long been going to the gym before deciding they wanted to take their health and fitness regimen to another level.

“We worked out consistently for the past ten years but we’d kind of hit a plateau,” Bush said. “And we thought we’d maybe push it above the limits.”

Already members at Liverpool's North Area YMCA, they got a trainer, Maggie Triolo, and a new program that would push them harder than anything they’d done before.

Something New

The program Maggie has created for her trainees goes against what most men consider to be a viable workout.

In addition to placing a heavy emphasis on circuit training, Maggie’s workout only sparingly uses weights. When she does, they’re often on the lighter side.

By the time the guys get to the weight portion of their session, they’re already pretty tired.

“We’re having a blast here,” Last said. “Maggie’s kicking the crap out of us.”

Of course, this is exactly the type of program John and Kevin signed up for, and it’s one that has given them tremendous results.

Many Happy Returns

For John and Kevin, training with Maggie started around five months ago, or at the beginning of the new-year. Both came in with different strengths and different areas they felt needed improvement.

In Kevin’s case, the goal was to “maybe work on our core and our stamina a little bit more.”

“Kevin’s more the strength guy. John’s more the fast-twitch, like, go-go-go,” Trainer Maggie Triolo said. “So they’ve really complemented each other well with what we’re doing.”

In addition to losing inches off their wastes and pounds off the scale, there have been other intriguing results.

“A lot of employees of mine, because I’m an owner of a company, are seeing this, and now they’re joining the Y as well, and they’re getting on the bandwagon,” Last said.

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